Super Señora Vasquez and ISTE Standards and Self Assessment

This first class was exciting as we met Professor Richard Snyder and cohort members. We were introduced to the overview of the class and we created superhero avatars to introduce ourselves.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.52.15 PM

We began to look into the LWSD’s ISTE Standards and we self-assessed ourselves on the student and teacher standards. I felt overwhelmed as I looked over the standards and decided how they fit into my own classroom. I had 3 main central thoughts:

THOUGHT #1: Regarding ISTE Student Standards: I struggled as I looked through the standards because although I do use technology as a support system in my classroom, it is not a central focus of the class. I’ve never planned my lessons with these standards in mind. I do not provide enough opportunities for my students according to these standards and I have many areas of weakness.

However, I do integrate technology in a number of ways, and have already begun to share some of these strategies with my World Language PLC at JHS. I realize that my strengths are:

  1. Standard #2: Communication and Collaboration
    Communication with families and students using technology-I currently demonstrate this through

    1. Daily use of Haiku to post announcements, post daily homework on main page and class Calendar, post important documents, songs, authentic photos and videos, create student polls and quizzes (including pre-assessments and formative assessments), discussion posts, turning in assignments on Dropbox.
    2. Students are using Haiku’s Wikiproject feature to create Digital Portfolios this year. Students film themselves 5 times throughout the year on their district-issued laptops (using Microsoft Movie Maker) and upload their video to their personal Wiki page. They will also post their Spanish writing and speaking proficiency goals to this Wikipage. Parents can access their student’s Digital Portfolio and see evidence of student progress, the ACTFL National Standards, and their student’s progress goals directly related to the Standards.
      1. *IDEA: Scan all students’ written assessments and have them upload the document to their Wikipage as well.
      2. *IDEA: Have students post ACTFL Standards on Wiki Site along with their goals.
  2. Standard #5: Technology Operations and Concepts         By exposing students to collaborative live documents on OneDrive, recording and uploading videos and requiring them to create their own WikiPage, I am exposing students to a variety of up-to-date technologies and trouble-shooting strategies that may serve them in the future as well.

However, I struggle with incorporating

  1. Standard #1: Creativity and Innovation
  2. Standard #3: Research and Information Fluency
  3. Standard #4: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

THOUGHT #2: Regarding ISTE Teacher Standards: I feel like I naturally incorporate most of these standards in my professional practice. Some evidence of this is:

  1. I use Twitter and Facebook regularly to connect with other Spanish high school teachers and to find authentic materials for my students. I am especially tuned in to the Organic World Language teaching community (OWL) to collaborate with activities, methodology and resources. To go a step further, I now need to begin sharing my own material with these colleagues.
  2. I use email, Haiku and OneDrive to regularly share and collaborate with colleagues within my building and also in m PLC. I can take this a step further my sharing more frequently and by now connecting with other Spanish teachers in the District.
  3. I’ve designed shared live documents and Haiku groups to share with colleagues for the Latino Mentor group I facilitate at JHS.
  4. I regularly model professional behavior to students regarding writing emails, using social media and using OneDrive.

The Standard I struggle with is:

  • Standard #1: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning  

THOUGHT #3: Question I have

–>Am I responsible for incorporating all ISTE Student Standards into my classroom throughout the year? If so, is this a reasonable expectation?


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