Digital Citizenship

This week we learned about explicitly teaching Digital Citizenship in the classroom. We discussed HOW to explicitly teach skills such as

  • norms for collaborating using technology
  • hot to safely and responsibly use digital resources, including when citing and respecting copyright
  • knowledge of digital footprint

It is a challenge to think about how to explicitly teach some or all of these things, especially when I am teaching in an immersion Spanish class. The reality is, most of this cannot be taught to Spanish 1 while remaining in the Spanish language at this time, and I am not willing to teach in English.

For Spanish 2 however, technology is a theme that I need to teach on this year, and I am going to try to incorporate some of the Digital Citizenship big ideas into the class, especially teaching students norms for collaborating using technology and teaching them about their digital footprint (if I can find a way to do this in Spanish).

It is hard to fully embrace this expectation of explicitly teaching Digital Citizenship, on top of all the other responsibilities we have. There are plenty of resources, in English, or in advanced Spanish language, but I have yet to find something accessible, in the Target Language, for my students. This makes it impractical for me to teach and incorporate into my current lessons.

However, this week I have been implementing my new tech knowledge gained from this course including

  • I have been accessing Twitter much more frequently (nearly every day) to check out what World Language colleagues are sharing and to “lurk” on #langchat. Soon, when I have the time to be fully present in front of my computer on a Thursday or Saturday evening, I will join in and contribute to #langchat.
  • I’ve been preparing a collaborative OneNote Notebook where my classes can update and share a live vocabulary list specifically for each class period.
  • We had a LEAP day on Friday (Oct. 16) and we learned about Office Mix, as well as discussed the ISTE skills continuum. It is nice when class blends with what is actually happening in the larger school culture. However, huge setback- we were told that students weren’t allowed to download or use Mix on their own laptops…I don’t understand that one…

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