OWL and Incorporating Technology

Unfortunately I was unable to go to the SPU Tech Camp, because I had an Organic World Language training that I attended in Tacoma to support my current practice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.11.32 PM

As I attended this workshop Friday and Saturday, I was continuously reminded of the many ways I can and should utilize technology in my classroom. However, the most useful discussion was one regarding literacy and technology. The practitioners at the OWL training represented a wide range of school districts, all with a wide range of technological resources. However, we all agreed on the important of using the web to access authentic resources in the TL (target language). Many sources were shared, but one that stood out to me as having special potential was one regarding accessing level-specific Spanish-language text. Finding authentic Spanish-language text at a students developmental level is very challenging, especially at the beginning levels, like Spanish 1 and 2. Two sources that I am interested in exploring more are:


-Google Search: I learned that by using the Advanced Search option, you can filter results based on reading level! This is a HUGE breakthrough for me, because this will (hopefully) open up a very powerful and effective way to search for more appropriate, at level, authentic reading materials for my Spanish 1 and 2 students, in the target language.

For my Accomplished Teaching class I’ve decided to write my final paper on Criterion 4: Providing clear and intentional focus on subject matter content and curriculum.

This criteria is meaningful to me now, as I am implementing a new teaching model and learning to integrate more technology into my practice. The word intentional jumps out at me, as lately I have been starting to feel discombobulated by all the new changes I’m trying to implement. Especially with technology I find myself asking, “What is my intent here?” “What goal do I want to achieve by introducing this new technology to my practice or to my students?” I want to take the time in the next coming week to sit and reflect on all the newness that has surrounded me this last Quarter, and re-focus my efforts to intentionally and meaningfully direct my students and design creative learning opportunities for them that push them to meet National and District Standards.


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