Formative Assessment Resources

  1. Beyond the Test: L2 Dynamic Assessment and the Transcendence of Mediated Learning MATTHEW E. POEHNER
  2. The Zone of Proximal Development and the Genesis of Self‐Assessment MATTHEW E. POEHNER The Pennsylvania State Universi
  3. Dynamic assessment in the classroom: Vygotskian praxis for second language development James P. Lantolf and Matthew E. Poehner
  5. Formative Assessment ideas handout from Checking for Understanding class 2014 LWSD NTSP.
  6. Formative assessment and selfregulated learning: a model and seven principles of good feedback practice David J. Nicola * and Debra Macfarlane-Dickb a University of Strathclyde, UK; bUniversity of Glasgow, UK
  7. OWL instructors and learners construct meaning together and have fluid roles in the classrooms.

(b)“’…allow students to observe and explore cultural interactions from their own perspectives to enable them to find their own voices in the second language speech community.’” (Andrew 2011)

In an OWL classroom, instruction and assessment are simultaneous activities – one constantly informing the other; assessment facilitates scaffolding to give students greater ability.

(a)“A practical consequence of Vygotsky’s dialectical approach to human development is that it integrates teaching and assessment in a single activity in which mediation is used to uncover a learners’ ZPD while concurrently moving the ZPD forward.” (Poehner 2011)

(b)“…standardized testing practices posit a separation between assessing and teaching.” (Poehner 2011)


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